The history of the Limburg Brothers

1988 was the year in which the pigeon sport started in Zuidveen by Gerard with some from an acquaintance. These were placed in the former pheasant loft where they could fly in and out. But Gerard wanted more and in the course of the year the old pheasant loft was demolished, a real pigeon loft was put together about 8 meters. This loft offered room for a few breeders, and enough room for the first round of youngsters for the ’88 season to participate in the races. After having trained these youngsters more than sufficiently, they participated for the first time in the first young pigeon race of the then department K. It was a wonderful race for Gerard and he won 9th prize in the entire department against quite a bit pigeons. In short, the start was great and the season went well, of the 35 youngsters there were 32 left after the races. In 1991 a start was made on the multi-day long distance with the first self-bred youngsters from ’88, and 7 pigeons were entered on the Race of all races St. Vincent in Noordwolde. A few old hands of the club asked Gerard, “Do you think your youngster knows how far that is.” The result was amazing, starting with the third national and 6 out of seven within the first 175 in the points.

The start for the further extreme long distance was made and in the years that followed, more pigeons focused on this were purchased for this discipline. Among other pigeons came from Martha van Geel, Cees de Jong, a few Theelen pigeons and from Belgium also a few old Red Hermans pigeons. John was also hit by the pigeon bug at that time and it happened that they started flying under the name of Limburg Brothers. Over the years, a great bred of pigeons has been built with these lines that is unparalleled to date. Innumerable championships and teletext prizes were won. The best thing about the last few years was that 6 times a category and 3 times the Total Championship in the National Fondspiegel was achieved. In total they were recognized 11 times in their department or sector 4 as the fastest, and played more than 70 times in the first 10 on Teletext. What certainly should not be left unmentioned is that many other top pigeons at home and abroad have also discovered this excellent bloodline of front racers and have not missed their fantastic contribution to it.

After the death of both of our parents, we took a step back, but everything goes well for us two and we naturally hope to be able to bring our colony of pigeons to a highter level again in the coming years and to be able to achieve many great sporting results. To further improve our pigeon strain we are always looking for pigeons which could mean a good improvement for our lines, this is now a challenge for us, in addition to the good results of course.

Sporting greetings,
Gerard and John Limburg, Zuidveen

‘the Limburg-pigeons,’ beautiful and well-muscled top pigeons with content and a smart and alert look


Son Spirit

NL07 – 1249354


An online photo and video
Impression of Limburg Brothers.

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