The strain building of the Limburg Brothers

The basis of the strain of the Limburg Brothers is formed with pigeons from Martha van Geel, Jan Theelen, Hermans and Wijnands. The characteristics of these pigeons that Gerard and John breed consists of strong pigeons with content, strong will and perseverance, in which the color “red” is abundantly present.

The basis of the breeding philopshy of the men from Zuidveen is good with good. The good lines are crossed and that has had good results for years. With the breeding it is not so much about their construction. This is because the men do not have pigeons with a poor construction. Their pigeons are characterized with a good structure, well muscled, a tail that stays closed and a wing without long forearms.

According to the men, this does not happen automatically, because in the beginning stages attention was paid to this when they were building up their stock. The previously mentioned properties had to be present at that time to be allowed to be a breeding pigeon. Compensation breeding is therefore not necessary. Eyes are also looked at a bit. Light eyes are not preferred with these toppers. They prefer to see a dark eye with life. There are two pigeons in a nest, each with a different eye color. Furthermore, the exploration circle must be complete and they must look smart and alert. This gives you a good idea of how their now world-famous strain has been formed.

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